The Peace


                         Creating Peace Through
                   Compassionate Communication

     Like you I wonder why so much violence plagues our world. Yet I believe that peace is possible. I believe that Peace begins in our hearts when we feel compassion for another living being. Have we become hardened toward those among us who are frail or poor or different from us? Do our emotions control us or do we control them? Do our words and how we communicate with one another lift up or tear down?  We seem to have lost the ability to be gracious to one another! We seem to react selfishly, rudely, rather than respond patiently to another's needs.
    Together we can create peace through compassionate communication by being more gracious to others: by becoming fully present, listening deeply, truly hearing and valuing what the other person or persons have to say; understand without judgment, respond with grace and compassion by refraining from giving advice or comparing our story with theirs, unless asked.
     I intend to try to become a more compassionate communicator. Will you join me? Will you share your compassionate communication stories  so that I can post them here on The Peace Communicator Network?  To Interact and post Online: Please go to "THE PEACE COMMUNICATOR NETWORK" FACEBOOK PAGE . Hope to see you there!

Compassion: To enter into the feelings of another, to empathize, "suffer with", to want to help; Basic instinct of our humanity; Key to well-being, happiness.  []